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Iulian Udrea (Iulian)


Age: 17
Location: Romania
IRC Nick: iulian

How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro?
I have been using GNU/Linux since four years ago. My first distribution was Debian 3.1 Sarge.

How long have you been using Ubuntu?
Since 6.06 Dapper Drake.

When did you get involved with the MOTU team and how?
I got involved with the MOTU team during the Hardy development cycle. I joined the #ubuntu-{motu,devel} channels on Freenode in December 2007, IIRC. After some time of idling and not saying a word in both channels, I started to look at some bugs in Launchpad and tried to fix some of them. My first patch uploaded to Ubuntu was in March 2008.

What helped you learn packaging and how Ubuntu teams work?
I learnt packaging by reading the Debian policy, Packaging Guide from our wiki page and some other excellent documents from the web. Frankly, I cannot remember from where I learnt how Ubuntu teams work. I believe I learnt by reading their wiki pages and talking about them on IRC.

What’s your favorite part of working with the MOTU?
Ouh, that is a very interesting question. My favourite part of working with the MOTU is, obviously the people. I really like how they are interacting with each other and sharing ideas. All I can say is that all of them are really helpful, friendly and it’s just a great feeling working with them. I am really proud that I’m part of this team.

Any advice for people wanting to help out MOTU?
Just dive in. You do not need to know any programming languages by helping out MOTU, but sometimes in may help you when fixing a non-packaging bug. There are many excellent documents from where you can learn packaging. In my opinion, packaging is not so difficult as it looks. It doesn’t take so much time to learn it. Once you learn the basics, it will be piece of cake. You will just need to understand it. Like I said in the previous interview when I wasn’t a MOTU, the hardest step is to get in, once you are in, you will never want to get out, unless you are barmy. :-) Nobody knows everything so do not hesitate to ask questions in the channel or in the mailing list.

Are you involved with any local Linux/Ubuntu groups?
Unfortunately, I am not involved with any local Linux/Ubuntu groups.

What are you going to focus on in Jaunty?
I’m going to focus on merging/syncing as many packages as I can and fix nasty bugs. I started to get involved with the Kernel team as well so other than merging and syncing with Debian I focus on making patches for the kernel team.

What do you do in your other spare time?
Reading. I am a fanatic reader, I read a lot, especially Computer and Science Fiction books. I am also a skater. So if I’m not at home, reading, you can find me in the park, skating and jumping like a barmy boy.

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