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Steve Stalcup (vorian)

Age: 31
Location: Central Ohio, USA
IRC Nick: vorian

How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro?
I have been using Linux for a little over 3 years now. My first distro was Ubuntu (5.04). For me, this was a great crash-course in running Linux (which was a forced learning experience due to a failed dual-boot install :) )

How long have you been using Ubuntu?
From the time I messed up that installation to last October, that’s when I decided to give Kubuntu a spin.

When did you get involved with the MOTU team and how?
I’ve had the goal of joining the MOTU team for some time, but really didn’t get serious until the beginning of the Hardy cycle. My “New Years Resolution” for 2008 was to join the MOTU team. With this goal, I started by contributing in small ways, and gradually tackling larger and more complex tasks. Then, in what seems like no time at all, I was getting new packages into Ubuntu and Debian.

What helped you learn packaging and how Ubuntu teams work?
As for packaging, there are a lot of great resources I used to learn the basics of packaging. The “Old” Ubuntu packaging guide, the Debian New Maintainers Guide. I wish there were such tools as the MOTU videos and MOTU recopies when I started learning packaging. These new guides really help break down the process into manageable bite-size tasks.

#Ubuntu-motu on freenode was (and is) the fastest way to get my questions answered. Everyone on the MOTU channel is willing to offer a helping hand, or at least point you in the right direction.

What’s your favorite part of working with the MOTU?
I love working with such a great group of people, who truly are fulfilling a mission of Ubuntu, by pushing out the very best that Open Source software has to offer. The team atmosphere is tremendous.

Any advice for people wanting to help out MOTU?
Set goals, then jump right in! For me, goal setting was the key between wanting to be a MOTU, and actually working towards becoming a MOTU.

It will be frustrating at times, but it will also be very exciting. I clearly remember the frustration I felt while trying to figure how to make specific things work, and the thrill of finding the solution. You can’t learn how to do this stuff and not fail (a lot) along the way.

Most importantly, the MOTU team is awesome to work with! Everyone is willing to help answer a question, help steer you in finding solutions, and giving honest feedback.

What are you going to focus on in Intrepid?
My main focus will be helping ensure Kubuntu is a top-shelf release. Another area I am focusing on is helping with the sponsoring queue. I had some wonderful sponsors who spent time reviewing my contributions and teaching me how to improve. The best way I know to thank them is by doing the same for other contributors and MOTU hopefuls :) More importantly, fixing these bugs makes for a better release.

How do you think Intrepid will special for our users?
With KDE 4.1, long time KDE users can expect to be pleased with what Kubuntu has to offer. I honestly think people new to the K desktop environment will be amazed at what they have been missing ;) (I know I was when I used Kubuntu for the first time)

Favorite quote?
“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'”
— Jedi Master Yoda

What do you do in your other spare time?
I spend all my other spare time with my 4 kids and wonderful wife.

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  1. August 2, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Nice interview!

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